Interested in joining the Food and Climate Alliance?

To become a member, please review the below information and submit this form with your request. Once received, a Steering Committee member will review the information and vet applicant status via the listserv. They will then follow up with you on next steps.

Alliance members benefit from

  • Receiving the latest information on food and climate actions;
  • Access to a network for amplifying work;
  • Insight on ways to elevate agriculture issues in the climate change policy space;
  • Connecting with individuals and organizations who represent diverse backgrounds, experience levels and approaches to food and climate issues; and
  • Having a focused space for identifying collaborative strategies that align with and add value to individual organizations’ goals.

Core membership consists of individuals who represent not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations whose mission aligns with that of the Alliance. The group also works with allies from other sectors as appropriate. The Alliance’s three categories of membership include:

Listserv Members

Individuals who receive email communication from and share information and ideas with other Alliance members, and stay up to date on the latest activities from the Alliance and its members. Listserv members can provide input on ideas posed on the listserv but do not have voting power on strategy decisions and are not actively involved in developing Alliance products.

Participating Organizations

Actively engage in strategy development and implementation of initiatives that support the Alliance mission. They provide input and vote on decisions and strategy development for their respective Working Group. Each Participating Organization has one vote in decision-making, although many organizations have more than one individual actively involved in Alliance initiatives. Participating Organizations are expected to designate at least one individual from their organization to:

  1. Join a working group, based on annual priorities identified by the Alliance;
  2. Participate in regular (monthly or as-needed) working group calls; and
  3. Respond to requests for feedback within stated time frame.

Attendance (virtually or in person) at annual strategic meeting of the Alliance is encouraged.

Steering Committee

Considered a standing working group. Steering Committee members (including Alliance co-chairs) are responsible for the coordination of Alliance activities, lead strategy development, and facilitate communication between working groups. In addition to Participating Organization responsibilities, Steering Committee members are expected to:

  1. Participate in quarterly (or as-needed) Steering Committee calls and generate and vote on strategic priorities;
  2. Plan and attend (virtually or in person) the annual strategic meeting of the Alliance;
  3. Manage membership and recruitment;
  4. Revise membership/vision documents and protocols as needed; and
  5. Manage the listserv.

We ask that members update their membership status annually, but recognize that individual organization’s priorities and capacities may shift. Therefore, anyone can change their membership status at any time by emailing the Alliance co-chairs.